Felipe Oropeza

Felipe Oropeza

Chicago, IL, US



INTERLAPPING, as exemplified in Oscar Niemeyer’s House of the Architect at Cancoa, is used to reconcile the differences between two sprawling surface graphics, creating dynamic spatial qualities within an overlapping roof and ground surface. Various moments of interior (void) and exterior (figure) space begin to be defined through the interconnecting process of the two surface graphics. Formally this process also begins to suggest program. Amphitheater is suggested by sloped like seating.  The wall perpendicular to the amphitheater serves a duality as a presentation wall for a projector facing the amphitheater and gallery area facing outside. At another moment a table top platform is accompanied by seating to create another performance area.  When situated within the overall context of the site specific moments of space correlate with the architecture building and important intersections within the walkways, drawing people in to what otherwise would have be vacant space.

A fourth year undergraduate project at the University of Illinois at Chicago, INTERLAPPING officially opened to the public for the Year End Show on May 4, 2012 concluding a two month construction process. This followed a three month development process which ended after our project was selected from a group of final three projects to be built from our "competition" studio.  Following the completion of the construction drawings, prefabrication of the wall and floor panels began on 3/19 in the controlled environment of the A+A building. The assemblage of these parts on site promptly commenced on 4/2 and ended 5/3. During this period the roof and exterior cladding was also fabricated, fitted, primed and painted on site. INTERLAPPING remained open to the public for the summer of June - Aug 2012.

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Status: Demolished
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: As the main architect in this project, my role was to utilize my knowledge of wood frame construction to develop the project and lead in every aspect of the construction effort.
Additional Credits: Competition team:
Justin Quach-Law - member since before midterm (initial concept/final architectural drawings/model)
Adriana Serrano - final four weeks (final architectural drawings/model)
Cherry Inthalangsy - final four weeks (final architectural drawings/model)

Construction Team:
Ryan Palider - Professor and Construction Leader
Justin Quach-Law
Tim Linko
Jeffrey Mateja
Ricardo Rincon
Mitchell Hansen
Anthony Oplawski