Liona Avery

Liona Avery

Los Angeles, CA, US


Cloud Server

Cloud Server is an exploration of evolutionary architecture through soci-technological reexamination and imagination. Architecture is the mind/body in space; a concept brought to physicality. From the existence of beings to an action of beings, for beings, the built environment becomes physical. The physical acts on the sense of being. To clarify: “existence-action-re- action” as a self-corrective feed back loop.

Architecture can therefore become a self corrective being in a networked society. Architecture can integrate the physicality of technology through its skin system and the interactions of its operations incased within. Once integrated, the architecture can feed back its energy consumption and
emission for current and future networks. The One Wilshire Building located in downtown Los Angeles is an example of embodied “ether.” It is home to thousands of server machines working twenty-four hours a day, all year round - the body of the workforce of servers parallels its place in a global society. This building is in constant need of monitoring and cooling, lending itself to an estimated 20 megawatts of energy use per month accompanied. The nondescript building exterior belie the necessity of it to our communicable existence. Form and function do not fall in line. Program and architecture are not co-dependent. It is a coerced cohabitation that shares the same atmosphere.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US