Johnny Jimenez

Johnny Jimenez

Oxnard, CA, US


Invigorate: The New Assisted Living

Many older people seek assisted living communities when their physical or mental health begins to deteriorate or they no longer have a spouse or loved one that can care for them. My thesis will address the aging and their need for quality assisted living.

I will focus on the creation of a “continuation of life” community that emphasizes the social and active aspects of senior living, rather than the end of life care that so many associate with assisted living communities. Currently there are such negative thoughts that surround assisted living and continued care facilities. However, I would like to provide a community atmosphere that addresses the needs of the aging at every stage of the aging process.

In an effort to address the various stages of aging, the community will be designed from the inside-out. In this regard there will be areas to account for all types of needs including those that seek independence. Activity rooms as well as common areas will be placed in such a way that they are accessible to everyone. Likewise there will be clusters of housing units to address memory loss and those that need mobility care and rehabilitation.

Social aspects of continuing care are important and engaging all ages in activities is important so as to create a sense of community. It’s important that the aging remain active and are offered the opportunities to get involved in social and community events.

The location for this residence will be in Ventura County, and within the City of Oxnard, California. Given the location, it’s a perfect connection to the outside community and an easily assessable location for family and friends to visit. This addresses one of the three most common reasons that a residence is selected. The other two topics of importance are the services offered and the appearance of the residence (ALFA’s Overview of the Assisted Living Industry).

In effect I will address the housing needs of the aging while taking into consideration the needs of caregivers, the residents and their families.

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Status: School Project
Location: Oxnard, CA, US