Brendan Callander

Brendan Callander

Vancouver, BC, CA


Woodlands Community Garden Shed

This garden shed was designed and constructed in partnership by UBC architecture students and the Woodlands Community Garden Club. This structure is the focal point of the garden, and it acts as a gathering spot for local education programs, and as well as a practical storage solution. The unique form of the shed was designed to prevent shadows from being cast on surrounding garden plots while at the same time shading the central meeting space. The client(s) also requested that the use of chemicals be avoided on site to prevent leaching into the soil. Our solution was to use charred cedar siding as a natural way of protecting the wood. The charred surface also doubles as a chalk-board wall, providing a surface for children and instructors to write on. In addition to the charred-cedar siding, a herring-bone patterned lattice system was used on the parts of the building that receive the most sunlight. The lattice allows for interior lighting as well as a potential place to grow vines. Seasonal vines would provide further shading to cool the structure in the summer months, while allowing more light into the building when dormant.

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Status: Built
Location: Woodlands Park, Vancouver. 705 Woodland Drive.
My Role: Co-Designer
Additional Credits: Design and Construction Team:

Brendan Callander
Jason Pielak
Stella Cheung-Boyland

Institutional Partners:
University of British Columbia, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Woodlands Community Garden Club
City Studio Vancouver
City of Vancouver