Jason Shannon

Jason Shannon

Jersey City, NJ, US


700 Montgomery

Upon learning of a major development project in the neighborhood surrounding the JSPY Architecture studio, we decided to submit a proposal to the developer as an introduction of our firm, but also to encourage a broad, thoughtful approach to the development.  

This schematic design is a mixed use ground floor commercial with residences and dormitories above.   Our proposal is based on the communities reaction to the only other recent large scale development in the neighborhood.  This other development is a gated residential complex which turns its back on the neighborhood.  Local community groups site this development as an ineffective addition for the community as a whole.  JSPY took this criticism and imagined this gated community sliced open to allow the public to have access.  It  is this concept of carving out access for the community in the new large scale development that drove the schematic design of this project. 

The project is in a blighted community, which is just beginning  the process of gentrification and redevelopment.  The early developments will have to be cost efficient to be viable, so JSPY took a 90-10 approach.  In affect, 90% of the project was designed to be standard, cost efficient construction. The remaining 10% took bolder steps to carve out access and gathering space for the community.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Jersey City, NJ, US
My Role: Architect