Ronel Constantin

Ronel Constantin

Chicago, IL, US


Goose Island Chicago

The design framework

This project explores the complex layering and stratifications of formal and informal spatial activities that ground the processes of thinking, making and sharing as suggested in the idea of cross-disciplinary exchange. The building will act as a conduit for these activities and will challenge the very nature of the formal and informal, the private and the common and the nature of future transactional space. The project aims to uncover the lost opportunities inherent in the relationships that exist between place and space and as a way to reposition the ever-coexisting realities of the formal and informal. The design concept extends beyond the frame of the building and proposes an expanded relationship with Goose Island and moreover, with a revised idea of the ground plane, the landscape and the edge conditions present on the site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Architect