Sara Deane

Sara Deane

New York, NY, US


Wonders of Water

The Wonders of Water exhibit was designed with the focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning platforms for young children. A water exhibit is one of the most developmentally appropriate play mediums and helps children acquire basic problem solving and communication skills.
Wonders of Water consists of distinct components:

• The Stream Table and Water Cycle: “Rain” flows down the mountain and through a spillway where visitors can insert plastic dams to direct the water towards a visitor-operated lock or a waterfall; The table also includes interchangeable water wheels, fountains, a water engine and a tool called the “Archimedes’ Screw” (an ancient invention commonly used for irrigation)
• The Block Dock: A tabletop wharf where visitors try to load container ships with cargo so they won’t capsize
• Plumbers Park: Visitors put together pipes that direct water in different directions to create fountains
• Real-Time atmospheric NASA display: A large format, video presentation
• Bubble Hoop: Visitors stand on a platform and lift a hula-hoop from soapy liquid to try and surround themselves in a large bubble
• Will it Float: A crane in a big tank of water allows visitors to lower objects down to see if they will sink or float
• Musical Chimes: Using arcade like water shooters, visitors can hit various instruments to create music
• Window Squeegees: Visitors use real squeegees to clean a large window that looks out into the museum
• Dryer Tubes: Flexible nozzles and an overhead heat lamp to help dry off anything that has gotten wet

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Status: Built
Location: Baltimore, MD, US
My Role: Responsible for seeing the exhibit design and graphic design from planning through completion, including space layout, sketching, creating scale models, blueprints, renderings, construction details, graphic design, color selection, design presentations an
Additional Credits: David Berman