Cody Campbell

Cody Campbell

Venice, CA, US


K-Town K-Nection

Location: Koreatown | Los Angeles | California

Student: Cody Campbell | M.ARCH1 | UCLA | 2010

Instructor: Roger Sherman

Project Description:

Emanating from an in-depth analysis of Koreatown and its public transportation system, K-town K-nection is derived from a personal proclivity in connecting Koreatown to the rest of Los Angeles, specifically to the west side. Site analysis revealed compelling data that suggested very beneficial implications in restructuring the public transportation system with a better, faster mode of transport. Further inquisition into this idea led to the discovery of a project that is currently on the boards for the city of Los Angeles, and has recently been approved; an extension of the Purple Line from Wilshire / Western to Wilshire / Westwood.


Hence, the focus of the project is to directly, perhaps physically connect the site in Koreatown with the Wilshire Corridor, and essentially tap into the rejuvenated transportation system via Western Avenue. This would make immediately accessible the west side of Los Angeles for anybody who lived in or used the building. However, in making this connection, complications arise with existing traffic. So there must be a solution by either avoiding the interference of traffic, or somehow improving conditions as they are. The solution in this case, is a “Reverse Highline”. K-town K-nection accepts the existing infrastructure and uses it to offer new possibilities of architecture and infrastructure co-existing. The proposal is for a new addition of infrastructure. It can be seen as a “node” in a larger system, as it will act as a transfer line from the Koreatown site to the subway.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US