Pasquale Bonsignore

Pasquale Bonsignore

Milan, IT


Smile, outside it's a mess

Milan 2012 Design week exhibition


I don’t know.
Design does not save the world, but of the world itself is one of the results, one of the expressions.
Mies would say that we should only compare with our TIME and with the tools that IT gives us. But what are the tools of this TIME?
If it Is always been true that disassembling the reasons behind the artistic production of a cultural period of time would tell us about the mechanisms of that era, in brighter cases anticipating what it would be, what will they say about us in the future?
We can not tell, but we can make our expression tell.
If Memphis speculated by thinking about a design without the industry, we do by thinking a design without the need to define itself but with the luxury to get lost. Because in this time we are confused about who we are and even more about what we will be. We live in a TIME of uncertainties and that is all we have to produce and communicate.

There is no message. There is no research.
Everything we have today is a broad and light attention but still sensitive and ready. Without the ability to specialize and the desire to get deeper we have increased the ability to detect signals and the speed of interpreting them.
Otherwise you cannot see them. They’ll leave if we do not stop them.

Our results are possible interpretations of distracted observations on transient moments or secondary episodes.

There is no method. There is no theory. There is will. Passion. It ‘s a necessity.
To me, some thoughts become images. Forms born and revealed, in an existential randomness, jazz improvisation.
If the chaos has often been identified as a stimulus, a prerequisite of creation, we want things where this feeling is still fiercely present, snatching us off the desire to systematize the thoughts.

Design does not save the world but it changes it, and we want to change the design by introducing new categories: contradiction, schizophrenia, mess, by explaining our biological eclecticism with the undifferentiation of the results.

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Status: Built
Location: Milano, IT