Andre Zarukian

Andre Zarukian

Glendale, CA, US

Arial View
Arial View

Valley TV

Architectural Concept
The architectural concept behind the proposed project addresses the idea of interactive television. A television set is more than a two dimensional screen that projects 3D images. The proposal focuses on the idea of television being more about the interaction between the audience and the machine.  The project creates the same interactive relationship that exists between a TV set and its audience. The spaces interact between the central open green space, the three major programs, and their occupants, while respecting the hierarchy that exists among all three programs.

Division of Site
The building’s main function is Valley TV (the voice to the San Fernando Valley); it also incorporates commercial spacesand a residential portion. The site is divided into three portions, the dominant program being the TV station which is located at the tip or the gateway to North Hollywood. The tip is the intersection of Lankershim, Tujunga, and Burbank; this is where the most interaction happens between varying elements. The residential and retail portions are pushed behind, in order to respect the programs hierarchy.  The retail spaces are adjacent to Lankershim Blvd., with a direct point of connection to the nearby public transportation station. The residential portion is situated on Tujunga, Tujunga being the least congested street.  The residential portion is also elevated above ground level creating privacy for the building occupants. The three programs are joined through a central green space which functions as a gathering space for the occupants of all three programs. The green space contains ponds which contribute to the environmental aspects of the design.

Skin Concept
The skin system was designed from the context of North Hollywood being known for its billboards and advertising posters.Through a developed series of push and pull spaces, that are dictated by the placement of varies programs, the surface area of the building is maximized to create more opportunities for placement of billboards.  A series of openings allow for transparency of the building as well as creating several opportunities to place roof top green areas. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US