Ginger Wei

Ginger Wei

Philadelphia, PA, US

Breathing Island
Breathing Island

Breathing Island

The topic is the regeneration of the Tejgaon old airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And our
proposal is breathing island. We'd like to create a low density area in the top, making the
not pavement ground as playground and setting a civic library there to serve the surrounding
residents. The middle part is the commercial zone. We extended the texture of Kahn's
residential building and made it not that high density. We created some water platform and
the shops to supply some relaxing and entertainment places.

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Status: School Project
Location: Dhaka, BD
My Role: Concept, Research, Diagram, Modeling, Rendering
Additional Credits: Instructor: Kieran/ Timberlake
Teamwork with Luying Guo, Qian Xing