Dario Matteini

Dario Matteini

Dublin, IE

Killarney House, Killarney National Park, Ireland.
Killarney House, Killarney National Park, Ireland.

Restoration of Killarney House and Pleasure Grounds and Gardens.

The   Killarney   House   was   the   residence   of   the   McShain   family   (American   philanthropists)   and   mansion   of   the   Killarney   National   Park   until   the   1980s,   when   the   house   was   donated   to   the   Irish   state.   The   restoration   of   the   18th   Century   house   was   the   largest   single   investment   in   any   tourism   project  in  2011.  The  house  will  be  developed  as  a  visitor centre, with some of the formal rooms being restored,  used  to  display  its  valuable  collection  of   antiques. The   visitor   centre   will   include   state-­of-­ the-­art   technology   in   a   new   extension,   including   an  audio  visual  room,  exhibition  space  for  tempo-­ rary   exhibitions   and   cultural   events.   The   former   pleasure   grounds   and   gardens   around   the   house   will  also  be  restored  to  their  former  glory.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Killarney, IE
My Role: Architect, Clerk of Works.
Additional Credits: BAM International, the Office of Public Works OPW