Razvan Ghilic-Micu

Razvan Ghilic-Micu

Singapore, SG



Part of the Princeton Envelope Group, the research on the tall vertical envelope type is mainly concerned with the balance and compromise among the qualitative and quantitative  factors determining the shape / size of any given tall building.

Starting with the premise that European towers are by excellence generic towers - urban fabric towers, the  research has been focused on testing the limitations of floor plate profiles and envelope configurations as feasible "in-between" conditions that could accommodate more than one program.

The result is a mini-encyclopedia of generic towers testing programmatic, climatic and urban impacts of the specific location on the formal options left for the tower envelope to adapt to.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB
My Role: Team Project
Additional Credits: Alejandro Zaera Polo - Lead Adviser
Urtzi Grau - Adviser
Dominyka Mineikyte - Partner