Janet Spees

Janet Spees

Dallas, TX, US


Vehicular Venue

The concept for this project began as a discussion on the experience of parking and its place in the city.  St. Louis like many cities in the Midwest, have experienced outward expansion due to urban sprawl. This type of infrastructure makes commuting by car a necessity.  In Grand Center, an arts district within St. Louis, the need for parking is vital to the survival of the venues that exist here.Therefore, parking for cars must be considered in a way that it wouldn't need to be in other large urban areas.

This project aims to strengthen district life by allowing parking to become part of the urban fabric within Grand Center. The parking structure creates a new perspective of the district and the city through changing views as one parks their car then descends down to the various venues.  Additionally, by nesting a black box theater and outdoor theater within the structure itself, it provides the opportunity for cars and people to be part of the spectacle simultaneously.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US