David A. Palmieri

David A. Palmieri

East Northport, NY, US


B-Port Toronto

The bicycle is the ultime urban artifact, connecting,localizing, and distributing the energy of the film industry with the greater city of Toronto and its waterfront.

Toronto is a city that is currently generating a great deal of discussion. The inner city is well established and the film industry is thriving. The city’s waterfront however has yet to provide the amenities and access of other successful cities in similar scale and vibrancy. This apparent disconnect between the city and its waterfront is the central issue to be addressed in all aspects of design and redevelopment in the bay front area.

The design of the district was conceived as a bicycle-centric urban environment, offering maximum bicycle accessibility to a wide range of desirable activities and amenities. This encompasses everything from bike-in cinema to bike oriented day cares, all in immediate proximity to a new and refreshing experience at the waterfront.!__my-website/b-port-toronto

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Status: School Project
Location: Toronto, ON, CA