Ilya Yemets

Ilya Yemets

Fair Lawn, NJ, US


Raptor Center

The final project of the third semester. The proposed project is to serve as a sanctuary and medical recovery facility for injured wild birds. It also functions as an educational center for the public. The program is separated into three buildings. The largest building being the are that the public has access to. This area houses the educational center as well as the gift shop. The two smaller buildings are the residential bird aviary and the medical infirmary. These buildings are connected by a single roof structure. The intended idea is to make the building appear as an extension of the forest it rests in front of. The columns are made to resemble tree trunks. And the roof is made to resemble the clustering of branches overhead. The roof is composed of glass and steel girders, which creates the clustered branch effect. The building sits on top of a pedestal. One of the edges of the pedestal, the exterior exhibition space, cantilevers towards the edge of the cliff.

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Status: School Project
Location: Little Falls, NJ, US