christina sgambelluri

christina sgambelluri

Waterbury, CT, US


The Eco-Box

[ANIMATION LINK] :::::Secluded by dense trees the Eco-Box is a location inspired retreat for an architect which adds a modern vibrancy to a typologically conservative neighborhood. In an interpretative manner a traditional salt box is deconstructed to reveal a asymmetrical shell; an eco-conscious modern “container” in which to harness passive-solar opportunities, and  reinterpret vernacular applications. The shell’s rigid steel frame projects towards the tree-line in a gestural meeting of man nature.  Eco-Box is strategically oriented with floor to ceiling glazing systems on the gable ends to maximize passive solar benefits and to provide views and an uninterupted visual connection from every room. An open airy plan with vaulted ceilings contained within the typological shell of a well lit salt box. The “shell” frame is exposed within the interior and externally projects beyond the building to further emphasize the saltbox form and provide covered outdoor space expanding the living area. The extensions of the shell metaphorically reach for a physical connection to the adjacent tree line.this is emphasized through the solid green screen wall at the rear of the lot which appears to grow from the wooden platform and dissapate into the trees. The typical flat facade of a typical salt box transcends to highly dimensional planes through the Eco-Box’s juxtaposition massing and use of vertical wood cladding, steel panels, and a thermal mass concrete floor slab which flows seamlessly from exterior to interior . On the interior,  white and black  resonates against neon accents. Visual flow is maintained through the open plan, glazing and the Monostringer and cable stair system. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Bloomfield, CT, US