Jose Yanez

Jose Yanez

Alexandria, VA, US


TCA Residential Towers

As a result of the relocation of the International Airport of Quito in Ecuador; the city is studying the impact of zoning changes and height restrictions within the flying approach zone and conical surface. TCA is a massing study that shows the impact of the zoning changes if they were made, and also to the proposed mixed used changes related to zoning. The five residential towers inform what the impact could be and test the mixed uses in the area. The concept is to create a living box as usable space, which will be wrapped or surrounded by a second skin, representing the reality of the urban environment in this area, which is basically traffic chaos and noise. This envelope protects and guards the living spaces, creating a threshold between the outside chaotic world and the residential units and livable spaces. Due to extreme solar conditions in the Equator, this envelope also provides opportunities to accommodate shading devices.
The program for the 5 towers holds 60 office suites, 20 commercial units, 180 apartments and 120 underground parking spaces, all united by a continuous plaza.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Quito Ecuador