Madhavi Raman

Madhavi Raman

Cupertino, CA, US


Modules Mondiale

This was my thesis project from FIDI. It was proposed that we designed a project that was inspired by our ethnic heritage. As I am an Indian girl who was born in Austria, lived in India, grew up in California, and studied in Italy, I decided to create a design that was worldwide. The result was a modular kitchen system composed of four customizable units. The stovetop unit, the preparation unit, the cleaning unit, and finally the storage unit.Seamless in its design, flexible in its form and its function, my modular kitchen aims to accommodate the needs of international cuisines, having allocated space for various cooking utensils and appliances. As such, it aims to be accommodated in a range of international homes. Beginning with the many requirements of traditional Indian cuisine, and extending to the international cuisines including European, Asian, Hispanic, and American, this design answers the multicultural needs of individuals today, providing them with culturally customizable modular kitchens for urban settings.

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Status: School Project
Location: Global