David Folsom

David Folsom

Overland Park, KS, US


Galileo Pavilion

The goal for the Galileo Pavilion is to create an environment which is a node of activity and interaction on the campus of Johnson County Community College. The building, situated to the south the campus
main quad, incorporates and enhances the existing Galileo sculpture designed in the 1980’s by sculptural artist Dale Eldred.  The design amplifies the artist’s concept of working with the sun by showcasing the sun sculpture in the center of the main courtyard.
The original intent was to create prototypical modular classrooms that could be dropped anywhere on campus and would adequately meet the needs of the college.  Upon further investigation, a specific site was chosen and a more permanent building was designed. While the building retains its modular form, it is being constructed on site.
The building is approximately 3,300 square feet, housing two twenty five occupant classrooms, a student lounge/ exhibition space, coffee bar and conference room. The building is designed to be passive haus certified and leed platinum.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Overland Park, KS, US