Susana Saraiva

Susana Saraiva

Porto, PT


Tektonica 08

International Competition Tektonica 08 - Mobile Village for a green community - Life Container
classification: 4th place

Competition for a self-sufficient and sustainable mobile village for a nomad community.
The goal of the competition was to design a mobile village whose purpose was to travel along a defined itinerary, informing locals about the need to take action on preserving the natural habitat.

The project aims to develop a mobile habitat unit for a larger and more flexible use. Easy to built, easy to transport, optimized but flexible and economic so that it could serve as temporary and mobile residence in natural areas for tourism or research, and for shelter and support in areas stroke by disaster.

This is the story of de reutilization of an object design to transport all kind of commodities into a mobile, temporary, flexible, self-sufficient and sustainable habitable unit.
An example of how you can occupy natural areas in a non invasive way, for shelter, research, temporary residence.
An example how you can transport a shelter into areas strike by natural disasters, political conflict, like refugee camps, based on four simple ideas: REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE, REHAB.
REUSE old containers to transport and accommodate people in need;
REUSE materials like steel and wood from containers, water tanks and plumbing pipes;
REUSE solar passive energy;
REDUCE energy consumption form fossil fuels, thru de use of
photovoltaic panels, and aerogenerators;
REDUCE energy consumption by using natural ventilation systems;
REDUCE water consumption by capturing rainwater into non potable water tank and using it to feed irrigation, toilet, washing machine;
REDUCE water consumption by using toilet, faucet and shower with low water consumption systems;
RECYCLE materials like cotton fibber for isolation, wood, aluminum for windows, steel, glass;
RECYCLE used water and organic waste collected into special tanks;
REHAB containers that no longer serve their use;
REHAB people conscience into a sustainable way of living.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: anywhere