Judith Mussel

Judith Mussel

San Francisco, CA, US



As a construction architect for Coop Himmelblau  Judith K. Mussel worked together with the General Contractor: Frener & Reifer Metallbau GmbH Augsburg, Germany to transform the innovative design to a build environment. Judith was hired because of her expertise to work in advanced 3d computer software on construction documentation, coordinate with the contractor to help facilitate easy construction.

The “Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space” is a temporary mobile performance space for 300 visitors to be located on the Marstallplatz in the City of Munich. It is intended to be used for a wide range of events at the annual Opera Festival 2010 and then to travel to other locations.
The design goal for the pavilion is to impact a unique soundscape by helping to reduce the apparent noise and to create a “zone of silence” next to the pavilion. Creating an absolute “zone of silence” is technically not possible, but this term used here is intended to describe an area where you can sense a change in the soundscape that gives the impression of a quieter environment.

To meet internal acoustics design objective, the proposal includes provision for a combination of perforated sound absorbing panels and pyramid-shaped, non-perforated sound diffusing panels on the side walls and ceiling, with a sound reflective floor and stage. Sound-reflective parallel surfaces between the side-walls and between the floor and ceiling are avoided here and are therefore tilted and rotated in relationship to the generated exterior shape.   Site area: 1.790 square meters    Gross area: 560 square meters

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Status: Built
Location: Munich , Germany