Alberto Apostoli

Alberto Apostoli

San Giovanni Lupatoto, IT


Comete Gioielli

Alberto Apostoli has designed the concept retail for the Flagship of Comete Jewels in Milan.
Thanks to the experiences consolidated in various fields of project, the Italian architect was able to rielaborate a place of traditional purchase in a place of multisensory and emotional design.
The idea is born from the “claim” of the well known brand Comete - “Romanticamente schierati” (lined up in a romantic way) - that places side by side a rich intimate dimension of feelings and emotions and a rational and pragmatic attitude. The space assumes a double dimension, that allows to communicate truth and dream with creativity. Emotion and colour are the key words of the plan, mainly interpreted through an important use of forms, light, sounds and aromas.
The sale point becomes a luminous backdrop “punctuated” by illuminated (led) circular display windows of three different dimensions that seem to fluctuate on a hypothetical horizon. The light of the backdrop keep changing creating itself emotions and games always different during not only the day but also based on the seasons or to the various periodic or thematic occasions. The integrating sound is part of the plan and, bound together to the use of essences perfumed used for the packaging, constitutes a special and evocative sensory unicum. The white colour dominates in an important way but they are the colours and the light that create the best scenarios.
The external window is instead pure form that alloy the inside to the outside in natural and nearly geometric way. A game of empty and full circles that want to read Comete world through a magnifying lens intentionally alienated from the real world. The plan could not be born without a deepened acquaintance of technologies RGB and to a background of experiences tied to the Wellness and the multisensoriality that Apostoli has made in the past few years.
The concept, in conclusion, wants to impose a new way to conceive the sale point of the jewel; a way that tries to stimulate the customer much through the product and “the romantic” feeling as well as through emotions.


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Status: Built
Location: Milan - Italy