Bradley Gelschus

Bradley Gelschus

Montrose, MN, US


ICON House

The gabled roofline, resembling a "real" house, is one of the features designed to appeal to a large group of eco-conscious consumers who might not want to live in a "futuristic" house. By shifting the roof line slightly, the house has taken a traditional design and modified it to create easy access for solar energy collection.

House Highlights
A modified gabled roofline that offers a new, yet familiar, look and easy solar access for PV and solar thermal panels
Radiant, under-floor heating that uses hot water supplied by flat-plate solar collectors to heat the house in winter and recharge an innovative desiccant dehumidification system in the summer
A PV system that consists of traditional, roof-mounted PV panels as well as translucent bifafacial panels An efficient design that includes different inverters for different types of PV panels and orientations, so that panels that produce less won't draw down the whole system

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Status: Built
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US