Jonathan Kirby

Jonathan Kirby

Muncie, IN, US


Colorado Art Barn

This project provided the possibility to create working drawings for a customized addition to an existing art barn in Colorado. As this project was done in groups of two, it also provided an opportunity to collaborate with another individual and approach the design in a team setting.


After completing the initial design of the addition for the Art Barn, we worked together to gain a basic understanding of the tectonics of the project. With this mutual understanding of the scope of the project, we split the work up and focused on specific components of the working drawings.

A portion of my involvement in the production of the working drawings was the site plan, the existing elevations, and the elevations of the proposed addition. In addition to these drawings, I produced the building sections for the proposal as well as detailed the components for the sliding entry doors.

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Status: School Project
Location: Estes Park, CO, US