Adnan Jevric

Adnan Jevric

Astoria, NY, US


Artists' Community

It has been argued that the cities which will thrive in the coming century are those that can attract and retain the creative classes – digeratti, architects, designers, performers, musicians, film makers, painters, sculptors and visual artists of all types – who contribute to our cultural well-being. Inspired by this argument, the focus of this project is the design of an artists’ community in Buffalo, an institution for the creative class that seeks a balance between work and life, and between the individual, the collective and the public. This institution is to be a community of artists from around the world. They are supported by a non-profit organization that provides living quarters and workspace free of charge for periods ranging from one month to a year. This community will also interact with the local population through public spaces incorporated into the scheme. This new institution is proposed to augment the vibrant arts community of Buffalo and to complement recent cultural initiatives supporting urban revitalization. The site is located mid-block on the east side of Elmwood Avenue between Auburn and Cleveland.

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Status: School Project