Trinh Le

Trinh Le

Seattle, WA, US


Han River Floating Market

 Vietnam’s growing speed in the future is threatened by sea level rise due to global climate change. In addition, the failure in the urban planning process results in the lack of public spaces for socio-economic activities, including the sales and trade of local products and services. In order to minimize these impacts, the city need to conform to a new type of built environment that allows its dwellers to maintain and develop their activities.
        The proposed solution is to lift away the boundary between the land and water to integrate into city life and allow Da Nang, Vienam to grow economically and socially. It also suggests solutions based on new sustainability principles for public space that leaves the least impact on natural environment but still provides an enjoyable and convenient urban lifestyle. These solutions are even more significant when they allow a contemporary architectural design that still speaks the local architectural language.

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Status: School Project
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam