Lucia Sanjuan

Lucia Sanjuan

Los Angeles, CA, US

View of Amphitheatre - Museum
View of Amphitheatre - Museum
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Auditorium and Museum

Final Thesis: Grade A

Master's Degree in Architecture. Specialty in Building Construction

Theme: Public Multi-functional Building - Auditorium, Library, Museum, Restaurant, School, Landscaping

My interest for the recovery of urban zones and architectural dilapidation by the introduction of newly urban integrated functions took me to choose and develop, as a Final Thesis theme, a public
poli-functional building, integrated in an urban area of the Valencia outskirts, Borbotó.

A main principal path acquires special importance in the dense structure of Borbotó. The succession of spaces, uses, linked plazas that serve the City Hall, Church, Market, and the Auditorium, object of project, to finally arrive to the focal point of the path: The rural area and truck garden.
Open space, relation between long-short views, flexibility of free space are a priority. It is expected not only to keep and emphasize a main circulation for pedestrians, as liked spaces, but also to support it by secondary circulations with a restricted use.

The “breakage of the box” is generated by providing importance to the full-empty space, as a main idea of design through addition and subtraction of volumes. The building has been understood as a compact piece that “needs” to be broken in order to create spaces that vent such a compacity. This is possible through the game of different in high in section, views, and outdoor space.
The outdoor spaces, plazas, constitute the elements that act as a “balland-socket joint”, as an articulation between the building and the town. The plazas are open, located, and enclosed spaces. An area for relation is created in the town. Outdoor space is the projection of the indoor space.
The building looks at the exterior, uses the outdoor and free space to articulate the pieces, acting as an anteroom of each zone.

A simple escheme structures and distributes the building by placing each package of needs along a main axis and establishing a clear hierarchy and taking the form of functional strips.

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Status: School Project
Location: Valencia, Spain

View of Auditorium - Outdoors Stage
View of Auditorium - Outdoors Stage
Project Presentation
Project Presentation