Pedro Ribeiro

Pedro Ribeiro

New York, NY, US

street view
street view
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History designed the founding gesture. The faraway history of the city, or the history of this land claimed from the water, dictate the establishment of this bodies transversal to the river’s edge. The lock a square, a public space, and a mass of air that brings mean to the building. It is etched from vertical elements: modulation, structure, protection from the sun, resolving the whole building. Variable profiles are subtly modelled within a smooth and continuous design, where plans delicately suggest themselves. A changeable design that varies with the light, half-light or shadow and with a point of view that finds it more prominent or more level, from more opaque and mysterious to more transparent and revealing of the light pulsating within it. The gesture solves the project, protecting working space using courtyards on the vertical plan and public functions in the horizontal square.

46000 sqm area; 6 floors under and 7 above the street level;
exquizit and complex engineer structure project;
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process;
FLOS (italian lighting company) partnership for lighting

The construction is agended for September. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Lisbon, PT