Fei(Yafu) Yang

Fei(Yafu) Yang

Beijing, CN


YF Environmental Design(YFED)

Horton Plaza re-Design

The Plaza improvements is to create a memorable and useful space that will draw inspiration from the unique characteristics of the San Diego region and transform these elements (Life, Relax, Fun, Enjoy, Happy) into a special place, celebrating the city. The Plaza Improvements are envisaged to be the dynamic, active public heart of the city and a true community gathering place. The Plaza will help people to jump out of the reinforced concrete forest and join in the new urban space which allows everyone to have Relax, Fun, Enjoy, and Happy.

The Plaza will demonstrate the vitality of an urban environment that promotes social and cultural well-being, and become a safe open space for people of all ages to gather, play, exercise and socialize.

And the Plaza improvements to the Park will enhance the celebratory character of the historic park, reinstate the iconic status of what traditionally has been considered the “center” of downtown and develop programming that will activate the space. The Plaza Improvements can be easily accessible and have good circulation throughout the space. The urban plaza can become a memorable and iconic for the future of the city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Diego, California