Maria Jose Moto

Maria Jose Moto

Mexico, MX


Centro Urbano Agricola para el Valle de Chalco (Urban Agricultural Town center)

The agricultural town center for Valle de Chalco Solidaridad aims to create a food production area for their people. This in turn will create employment opportunities, and the market will help to reconnect the local economy and the community. With the implement of water channels the use of Chinampas (local way of growing plants in water) will be foster, and it will also give users a new transportation system, which will facilitate communication between the agricultural area, work area, and their homes. These new water channels will  not only serve to a better transportation or communication system, but it will help to make the community reconnect to their environment, and make water an ally  rather than a factor of disaster.

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Status: School Project
Location: Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Mexico, D.F.