Lamía, GR


interior 01

This small project was about giving a modern touch to a relatively old apartment, which is about 80sqm and consists of the living area, two bedrooms and a good sized bathroom. The open plan of the apartment is reserved for the living area with dining room and kitchen.

The design has been kept deliberately simple.The owner's love for classical modernism is reflected in every choice taken. Indeed, minimalistic furniture have been selected and a colour palette restricted to white and wood tones contibute to its elegant and spacious effect.

The kitchen is one of the main living spaces, so its details received special attention. The ceramic cooktops are hidden in the wooden work top, while the kitchen table can be rotated 90 degrees according to the occasion.  At somewhat limited space, the kitchen appear in bright lime green colour. The timber elements on the ceiling  are subject to the natural ageing process, greating a natural patina as time will go by.

The open, bright and friendly atmosphere continues into the living room. The intention for this space is to be calm and subtle.  It is a relatively naturally lit space, with high windows opening onto the balcony,  leaving room on the walls to hang artworks under gallery lighting conditions. The walls are predominantly white to contrast with the dark wooden floor.

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Status: Built
Location: Greece
My Role: Architect