Dave Sharp

Dave Sharp

Perth, AU

Final A3 Panel.
Final A3 Panel.

'Almost Home' Competition Entry - Honourable Mention

In collaboration with: Anuar Azahari

Featured on ArchDaily:

We live in a very superficial society that can fail to see past the visible signs of homelessness. This creates tremendous disadvantage for those who already have the fewest opportunities. The problem of providing essential modern amenities to the homeless must be addressed. While homeless people in Perth can’t have a shower, treat a cut or communicate in the digital age, every attempt at re-integration will be hindered.
Our initial approach was to consult representatives of homeless support groups, who explained that while they are able to provide some necessities to the homeless, they simply don’t have the people-power to effectively distribute them when and where they are needed. We saw automation as the solution to this problem. Once we identified the need for exclusivity across this infrastructure, the Street-Aid database and card were logical conclusions.  We focused on the potential for this card to empower the homeless to take positive steps in their life as part of community.
The brief spoke of re-integration as a process, asking how design can act as a catalyst. Our understanding is that the day to day struggles of sleeping rough must be overcome before processes such as government policy/funding etc. can be truly effective. Hopefully our concept will encourage others to explore new ways in which we can streamline the distribution of resources to the homeless.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Perth, AU