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Daniel Ovalle-Costal

London, GB

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Productive Greenbelt (Thesis Project)

The brief of this project is generated as a design reaction to a set of circumstances: the lack of a clear link between food production and the city dweller; the solitude and isolation of the rural immigrant in an urban environment; and the historical indefinition of the limit between rural and urban in the city of Vigo.

The sites chosen for the project are a series of rural communities that have been swallowed by a dense urban fabric as the city grew during the 20th century. These communities, though half abandoned by their former inhabitants, still keep the singularities of rural life. The project seeks to keep the singularity of the sites and not to imitate the surrounding urban fabric.

The aims of the project are to build an environment in which a link between the city dweller and the production of food can be established. Another aim is to add service, commerce and industrial infrastructure to a mostly residential area of the city, thinking particularly in vulnerable communities such as rural migrants.

In terms of construction, the project takes the form of a set of cantilevered extensions to existing high-rise buildings. These extensions house most of the program while generating an artificial landscape of hanging gardens on top. Rising from these hanging gardens and climbing next to the existing building facades an architecture of timber galleries, wicker made gazebos and ivy covered summerhouses is implemented. Such opposed architectures in terms of concept and materiality are linked by the daily use made by city dwellers of all class in their new lifestyle which includes the production and responsible consumption of food.

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Status: School Project
Location: Vigo, ES
My Role: Author
Additional Credits: Thesis project tutorised by Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno

Timber construction system
Timber construction system