Yoichi Homma

Yoichi Homma

Tokyo, JP





Name: Yoichi Homma
Date of Birth:  Sept 23rd, 1951
Education:  GSD Harvard University Master of Architecture 1979
      Tokyo University Graduate School of Engineering 
Master of Architecture1977年
  Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music
Department of Architecture Bachelor of Fine Art 1975年

Kenzo Tange & Associates 1977~1978
 Royal State Palace  RC 3F  27,000㎡  Palace
 Yrmook University, University City Complex 12F 12,000㎡  
 King Fisal Foundation  RC 25F  30,000㎡    
Complex of Office, Shopping Center, Hotel, and Conference Facility
 Bologna New City Center  RC 30F  35,000㎡        Complex of Office and Retail
 Napoli New City Center  RC 30~40F 50ha Complex
 Office Tower of Singapore SRC 55F 45,000㎡  Office
 BMW Headquarter  RC 20~30F 22,000㎡ Office
 Palace in Damascus  RC 3F 25、000㎡   Palace
Robert Johns & Associates  1978~1979
 Redevelopment of warehouse into office building Brick 6F 10,000㎡
 North 40 Air Terminal S 3F 4,000㎡  Airport Facility
KAB Development Co., Ltd  1979~1986年
 Hyde Street Condominium 2x4 4F 4,000㎡  Condominium
 Francisco Place Condominium   Masonry +2x4 5F 8,000㎡   Condominium + Retail + Underground Parking Structure
 Walnut Street Condominium  Masonry +2x4 5F 16,000㎡    Condominium + Retail + Underground Parking Structure
 Breckinridge Ski Resort Hotel   S 12F 20,000㎡  Hotel
 Copper Mountain Ski Resort Hotel  S 12F  25,000㎡   Hotel
 Waterside Condominium 2x4 2F  25,000㎡Condominium
Lehendorff Group of Companies 1986~1995年
 Office in Lemon Street S 2F 5,000㎡   Office
 The ATRIUM Office S 7F 20,000㎡   Complex
 Nagoya Nadyiya Park SRC 15F 30,000㎡ Complex
 The Nortilas Condominium RC 6F 5,000㎡  Condominium
 Ministry of Finance in Kualalonpool  RC 6F 10,000㎡ Office
 Nakazato Headquarter   SRC 7F 10,000㎡ Office
 535 Mission Street  SRC 35F 15,000㎡ Office
 Marina Puertovayale   RC  40ha  Marina + Hotel
 Royal Washington Hotel in Hiroshima    RC 30F 10,00㎡  Hotel
 La Poche Complex   RC 5F 4,000㎡  Complex
 Hiratsuka Condominium  SRC 7F 12,00㎡    Condominium
 Passy Plaza  SRC 8F  10,000㎡  Complex
 Marina Condominium SRC 11F 8,000㎡    Condominium
 8th & Figueroa  SRC 40F 15,000㎡ Office
 Kim-Rien Hotel  RC 6F  20,000㎡ Hotel
 2-Lodeo Drive  RC 3F     10,000㎡   Retail complex
 Warner Mycal Cinema Complex S造  15,00㎡ Cinema Complex
 Kawasaki Steel Wilshire Condominium S 35F 20,000㎡ Condominium Tower

MORI Urban Planning Corporation 1997~2004年
 Venus Fort   S+Glass fiber Interior 25,000㎡  Retail Complex
 Active-G   SRC 3F 20,000㎡       Shopping Center
 Prudential Tower SRC 32F  44,000㎡     Office + Service Apartment
 Redevelopment Competition of Nagoya Sapporo Beer Site 8.4ha
Complex of 5Highrise Condominium Tower + Major Shopping Center
 Master Plan of the 3rd Urban Nucleus in Shizuoka  55ha   Master Plan
 Redevelopment of MARUGAME Shopping Arcade   RC 8F 89,000㎡Complex of Retail Shops , Cinema Complex and Condominium Tower
 Mix Use Tower in Gifu Station SRC 9,000㎡Office+180Condominiums
 Mix Use Tower in Hiroshima Station  SRC 42F 1FRetail+2~5F: 150Rooms Business Hotel+6~40F 200Units Condominium+41~42F:Sky lounge restaurant.
 Kitamura Residence   RC 3F 1,500㎡   Condominium
 Yamazaki Residence  RC 3F 300㎡ Home + Condominium

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Status: Built
Location: varies