Caitlin Mulligan

Caitlin Mulligan

Ann Arbor, MI, US


[WORK IN PROGRESS] Wallenberg Studio 2012

My project proposal for the Wallenberg Studio attempts to resolve issues concerning
architecture’s role in remote and isolated environments.

My proposed site is a waterfall located in the Brazilian Amazon which is at risk for being exploited
for the natural resources and potential tourism located in the region. My
proposition is that as an alternative, a Bioprospecting research lab and small
eco-tourism destination would be established on the vertical edge of the site,
as not to disturb the forest floor, or existing habitat. 

The architecture will be designed under the constraints that the structure will exist only as a vertical condistion, and secondly,the architecture must be able to be pre-fabricated and airlifted onto site.
Working with topics of prefabrication, environmental consciousness, and economic
conditions will allow me explore a wide range of topics in depth. 

My current focus on the project involves research and experimentation with tensile and prefabricated units, looking specifically to new materials that would allow the system to function with the existing site through a symbiotic relationship.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brazil

Site Proposal
Site Proposal