Ward Grafton

Ward Grafton

Orlando, FL, US


Master Bath - Museum

The Master Bath Museum Project was born out of the desire to minimize or eliminate the budget for manufactured cabinetry.  The niches provide for storage via woven bins or open shelves for display.  My wife and I decided that while matching bins would be calming and look very organized, random bins would enhance the visual environment and keep the feeling new.  Displaying random objects on the open shelves brought the museum feeling home. 
Using SketchUp’s 3D design capabilities, creating the niche walls was so easy you couldn’t help but enjoy the process.  From there, all aspects of the design were worked out in 3D including the intricate framing required for the walls.
The glazed walls were originally to be frosted glass but the $5000 cost required some alternative/creative thinking.  Twin-wall polycarbonate (6mm ThermaGlas SLT) was selected based on the appropriate translucence, ease of fabrication, cost and strength.  The polycarb was also used for shelving and mounting the front and back vanity mirrors.  Most of the hardware was custom for this type of application but with some good internet browsing everything fit perfectly.  Clear golf cart windshield hinges were selected for their self-closing capebilities.  The aluminum channels and hinges were glued to the polycarb with silicone adhesive.  Total cost for the entire installed glazing system was less than $600.  Final photos are pending.

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Status: Built
Location: Longwood, Florida