Erin Greenwood

Erin Greenwood

New Brunswick, NJ, US


Liberty Science Center Garden Exhibit

Erin Greenwood & Alexandra Bolinder-Gibsand

To create a space that challenges the ideas of agriculture and food security, particularly in the urban context, our system responds to one a highly secure institution; prison.  Citizens in the US are all guilty of a crime, as agricultural practices of today are some of the most detrimental to the environment. We are locked in this system and with the advancement in technology of farming methods, people are so accustomed to convenience that they do not realize the potential there is in their own back yard.
We believe that community involvement is essential to the success of our future generations. Our design includes several learning stations that each offers an important lesson in maintaining a small-scale garden. The design of the demonstration stations are informed by the dimensions of a prison cell, which is normally around 8x8’. The idea is that through completing the process of remediation, the visitor will be freeing themselves by having the knowledge of how to plant their own food garden at home. We are interested in making visible and tangible connections that offer a unique and personal experience which is constantly changing, much like agricultural processes and the effect it has on the rest of the world today. The structures are non-site specific; they are mobile and can change depending on location.


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Status: School Project