Thomas Will

Thomas Will

Stony Point, NY, US


Lowland Park Site Intervention

Back in 2009 the main access road in my town needed to be fixed.  The bridge on 9W in Stony Point, New York was very old and needed to be demolished and rebuilt.  Under the bridge was a park that was home to young families, as well as summer camps and picnic parties.  The project that I planned to do was to rejuvenate the park back to its original layout with some more up-to-date modifications.  In the picture you see, you will notice  the finished project that i plan to submit to the town board in order to get this project done.  Because this project is close to my heart I put a lot of time into planning the layout so that there can be the most usable space with the idea of togetherness in mind.    

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Status: School Project
Location: Stony Point, NY, US