Matej Gasperic

Matej Gasperic

Ljubljana, SI


A house for the best years

How to reinterpret a traditional architectural typology for contemporary living?

When the time has come for their kids to leave the home, the active, sporty couple in their fifties, decided to sell their dear, but oversized house and move. After a long search, they were able to find a beautiful spot in the lap of the mountains and acquire a plot of land at the edge of the village on a gentle slope bellow the local church.
They set the goal for their new house to be small, but comfortable. Being manageable by two seniors but able to host the kids and their family when pay them occasional prolonged visit. They wanted it to be sustainable in wider sense of the word and energy efficient. Pleasant to live in and supportive to their active lifestyle. And smart!

Fact sheet

  • usable surface 155 m2
  • site 1116 m2
  • construction time 6 months
  • wooden construction
  • low energy consumption – PHPP: 23,5 kW /(m2a)
  • heat pump air-water
  • air recuperation
  • rain water recycling
  • KNX home control

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Status: Built
Location: Trata pri Velesovem, SI
My Role: Senior Architect, Interior Designer