Aaron A

Aaron A

Houston, TX, US

2010 Art Gallery / Student Lounge Area
2010 Art Gallery / Student Lounge Area

Texas Tech University Deans Cup Competition 2010

This project is the renovation of an exsisting empty room on the first floor entry of the college of architecture at Texas Tech University.


In designing a lounge area / art gallery for the students of the college of architecture, I took the school mission statement and attempted to concretize its meaning into a space. In portraying this statement, I also addressed some of the needs and desires of the students and staff.

Seperate areas to laydown during late nights, places to read, accoustical suppression for study, movable art panels and furniture for gatherings and opening view to outside street.


Walls of recycled cork paneling, wood floors and steam bent cedar polished modules.

Modules- Every 5 Feet Narrow to Large Size Represent Moments, Change, and Time

Visual- East end of modules by seating allows view to street through module seating representing a    view to the outside world givng thought to students future after school.


"The college of architecture educates for future design practice and advances knowledge of the  decipline for the benefit of society"

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Status: School Project
Location: Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas