M!ke Manalo

M!ke Manalo

Los Angeles, CA, US



via Made Up:

MADE UP: Design's Fictions presents the work of major and emerging international practices that forecast, hypothesize, muse, skylark, role-play, put-on-airs, freak-out or otherwise fake-it to produce work that is relevant to our increasingly confusing and accelerated world.

Staged in the MDP’s Wind Tunnel Gallery (where supersonic jets were once secretly tested), MADE UP is a new type of exhibition — a self-recording, 1:1 map of questions and propositions: dreams as program; science fiction as precedent; cults of commerce; objects as ideas; strange-ified banality; truth-revealing jokes; false histories; and elaborated scenarios.

main contributions:
As part of the LIKE NOW team, I interfaced between the instillation team lead by Laura G. and Halia A. and the interactive media design team led by Jayne V., Angelo L. and Ewan B. I helped develop the prototypes for camera brackets that would house the cameras documenting the events inside the exhibitions, coordinated and located electrical hardware for the interaction/media team, coordinated timed prints from a 42" plotter that featured images from the cameras documenting the space, and assemble instillation infrastructure which included a Douglas fir beam hung from suspended PVC structures.


MADE-UP Team/ Collaborators:
Curated by: Tim Durfee with Haelim Paek

Installation by:
Tim Durfee and Like Now

Engineering: Buro Happold;

Graphic Design: Brian Roettinger;

Programming: Ewan Branda; Angelo Luchi

Project team: Haila Adamo, Laura Goard, Fallon James, Mike Manalo, Matthew Manos, Salvador Orara, Nicholas Paradowski, Bora Shin, Jayne Vidheecharoen


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Status: Demolished
Location: Pasadena, CA, US