Carlo Guzman De Jesus

Carlo Guzman De Jesus

New York, NY, US


Chalks Ocean Airways

Seaplane Airport in Watson Island, Miami, Florida
Spring, 2010: David Scott Trautman

An important transportation landmark in the short history of Miami, Chalks Ocean Airways established itself for the first time on the project site. The site affords amazing views of downtown Miami, the Miami Seaport as well as the the MacArthur Causeway which connects to Watson Island. The form of the site is unusual and must address pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the public realm and seaplane and pedestrian traffic on the private realm.

Paralleling the process of flight - going from one place to another - the scale of spaces varies to evoke movement and frame important views. The roof assembly form is a reference the site and allows for the variation in the scale of the spaces gradually. The roof is a dominant element of the design and extends over the building edges not only to create comfortable outdoor public spaces but also to shield the interiors from the harsh Florida sun. This was especially the case with the southern exposure due to the solar angle. The tower was designed to afford magnificent views to anyone willing to climb the hundred feet. It is intended to be a light well to the core of the building contributing to the light coming from the edges. Its rectilinear form also acts as a grounding element, contrasting the curvilinear roof.

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Status: School Project
Location: Watson Island, Miami, FL