Carlo Guzman De Jesus

Carlo Guzman De Jesus

New York, NY, US


Campos do Jordao Residence

Residential Prototype for Community in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fall, 2011: Rene Gonzalez

Campos do Jordao is a small community along the outskirts of the city of Sao Paulo. It is informally known for this idea of “prana” which is understood to be a vital energy which is transfered primarily through the breath. The client, which currently owns the land of the project site, is specifically connected with this idea of “prana,” naming his own home “Prana Fazenda.” Interpretting this idea of vital energy, wind, light and water is integrated with the home and emphasized in an outdoor courtyard space that subdivides the prrimary and secondary program. The primary vertical element of the form is the vertical circulation which perpendicularly bisects the courtyard space emphasizing the enterance to the living spaces.

Being on at high altitude and in such a rural context the views are breathtaking and are framed throughout each of the primary spaces. The materials used are those typical to Brazil making the construction of the project appropriate to its location. The climate being very favorable year-round, the home opens up to this courtyard and integrates outdoor and indoor.

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Status: School Project
Location: São Paulo, BR