Matthew Ivers

Matthew Ivers

Fullerton, CA, US


Genereal Instruction Building

The Defense Language Institute’s new general instruction building houses 60 classrooms for military students studying foreign languages. The building, one of three instruction buildings slated for construction by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is sunk into the hillside to reduce its impact on neighbors.

The project is a 110,000 SF 4-story structural steel frame facility. The building includes classrooms, staff and faculty offices, storage, test control areas, conference room, multi-purpose training areas, cultural rooms, curriculum resource areas, break areas and other academic support areas.

The LEED silver project is strategically built into a hillside to reduce it’s impact to the original site and people can enter the building at street levell.

The building uses precast concrete panels on its outer skin which allowed a quicker and more efficient construction schedule.

Built by Roebbelen Contracting, my role was to develop the model and provide 3D coordination to reduce RFI's and eliminate change orders throughout the construction process.

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Status: Built
Location: Presido of Monterey, CA