Greg Evans

Greg Evans

Brooklyn, NY, US


Blustery Day, Pipe Garden

Spring 2008

Professor Andrea Ponsi

Movement of a structure provokes movement through a space.

Using the idea of a stagnant element such as a wall to provide directional movement through the site, the structure has animated characteristics in order to lure visitors through the space.  Horizontal piping was used to entice motion through the space as well as titled vertical elements which all leaned towards the hidden side of the wall.  Tendencies of progression throughout the space and around the wall are then paused in the virtual enclosure created by the surrounding boundaries in addition to the one created by the wall itself.

Construction of the wall is simple and swift.  Six pipes are drilled into the ground each at the same angle.  Following the placement of the pipes in the drilled holes, alternating weaving patterns are then created with the horizontal pipes.  This creates a solid, interlocking brace for the center pipe of intersection.  Each vertical pipe is secured by the alternating weave of pipes around it.

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Status: School Project
Location: Florence, IT