Denielle Cordaro

Denielle Cordaro

Nutley, NJ, US


West Orange Multi-Family Live/Work

This project was sited in West Orange NJ on a 25’ x 150’ lot. We were given two 3 story apartment buildings on neighboring lots. The clients for the project are family of 5, 2 boys and a girl for the first unit. The second unit was designed for a single male who was looking to settle down. The two main clients shared a physical therapy practice. For my design concept I drew a lot from my own family structure of 2 girls and 1 boy. from there I utilized many of my own experiences to design a functional home for the family. For the single male unit I took a little more creative aspect by putting the living spaces as the second level and sleeping spaces as the first level. As for the physical therapy aspect I placed it on the far end of the lot to ensure privacy of the patients attending the practice.

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Status: School Project