Kayla Roach

Kayla Roach

San Diego, CA, US


Kind Kare

DATE  Fall 2010
DURATION  2 weeks
Group Project

IDEC Competition


Kind Kare is a sliding scale health care clinic that has a calming and comfortable environment where every individual feels welcome.  By incorporating nature, ample lighting, curvilinear and wheelchair accessible spaces, the patient is able to circulate through the building with ease.  The use of cool earth tones creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere


+Provide organized circulation throughout the space
+Provide maximum amount of privacy in every aspect of the space to ensure total and complete privacy for each patient
+Create a calming environment where every individual feels relaxed, comfortable and welcome
+Provide a 100% clean and sterile environment while using sustainable materials and furnishings
+Provide a clinic where under-privileged families and people of the community can be treated with little to no personal cost

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Status: School Project