LaQuinton Nimox

LaQuinton Nimox

Baton Rouge, LA, US


King Street Bakery + Apartments

  Bakery air, that streaming froth of thick, buttery flumes, is a deeply memorable smell. Most people can identify as many as 10,000 different smells. This project called for a design for a working bakery that appealed to all of the senses. An unemployed engineer teamed up with a pastry chef to
start a new specialty bakery in Old Town, Alexandria. The artisan bakery includes a full kitchen as well as a public sales area and a small cafe. The owners each have a private dwelling to go along with the ten other rentable living units to help support the endeavor.
  The site is located at the corner of Patrick Street and King Street in the existing parking lot behind Misha’s Coffee House. In this scheme, Misha’s will be renovated and incorporated into the overall vision of this vital commercial corridor.

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Status: School Project
Location: Alexandria, VA, US