LaQuinton Nimox

LaQuinton Nimox

Baton Rouge, LA, US


Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

  The project called for team collaboration with two landscape architecture students to design an environmental center near Virginia Beach, VA for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The design intent of our project was to create a didactic landscape by providing tangible connections to the ecology of the site. Two types of ecologies are revealed: hydraulic cycles and wildlife habitation.

  Hydraulic cycles revealed in the site include stormwater filtration and sedimentation, both of which are indicative of processes occurring throughout the larger Chesapeake Bay region. Our proposed design demonstrates potential strategies which can be implemented in other areas throughout the bay.

  These hydraulic cycles reveal the similarities between our site and many others within the region, highlighting the wildlife situates this site as unique from many others within the Chesapeake Bay in general and the Chesapeake Bay watershed in particular.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Norfolk, VA, US